Advantages of Hot dipped Aluzinc Steel Coil


Aluzinc is a cold rolled steel, galvanised using an innovative coating consisting of 55% aluminium, 43.3% zinc and 1.6% silicon. The composition of this coating makes stainless steel an amazing six times more resistant to corrosion than standard galvanised metal. aluzinc is robust and suitable for demanding environments such as roofs, flues and ventilation shafts.

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Alu-zinc corrugated steel sheet is made of hot-dipped galvalume steel coil, by rolling into a variety of corrugated sheets, the hardness of steel plate material is G550(≧HRB85). We checked strictly on the quantity numbers of how many corrugated wave peaks and valleys for each specification. And the diagonal lines are same and equal for each sheet. The thickness, width and numbers of wave peaks and valleys are very strictly exact and confirmed for every order. During the installation, there is much less connection area with no gap.

Advantages of Aluzinc

This metal is commonly used in the insulation and ventilation industries. Providing a more effective solution at a lower cost, Aluzinc shows many clear advantages over ordinary aluminised steel or Aludip BQ. It comes with a thin and very effective fingerprint-free coating that offers a double benefit: it enhances the temporary protection of the metal during storage and transport, acts as a dry lubricant and improves its deep impact properties.

As a good substrate for organic coatings, Aluzinc also allows direct application of paint without time-consuming preliminary treatment. When all these qualities are added to the fact that Aluzinc is easy to shape and weld but guarantees a long service life, it is clear that metal is the natural choice for all kinds of insulation, guttering, fencing, roofing and metal sheathing requirements.

Application of Alu-zinc corrugated steel sheet

Alu-zinc corrugated steel sheet is mainly used for industrial and civil buildings,warehouse, light industry, special buildings,agriculture and etc, especially for civil building roof panels and wall covering decorations.

Product Features: Easier & Quicker installation, Anti-seismic, Anti-rain, Longer-Service life, Easier Maintenance.

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