Galvalume Vs. Painted Metal Roof

 Building your home has many factors to consider, especially when it comes to roofing. Each roofing material has its unique features that you have to study. Which is better, a Galvalume coated roofing or a painted metal roof? Read our post to determine which roofing choices suit your taste and budget.

What Is Galvalume Roof? 

Galvalume roof is coated with 55 percent zinc and aluminum alloy with the remaining percentage of silicon. The combination of these chemical elements provides ample protection from oxidation. It works similarly with the galvanized roof.

The coating on the metal sheet can extend the life of your roof for up to 60 years with minimum repair and maintenance every year. Non-coated metal roofing does not last longer compared to the Galvalume roof.

The corrosion-resistant characteristics of Galvalume make it an ideal roofing choice if you want to save your dollars.

What Is A Painted Metal Roof?

A painted metal roof is a type of metal sheet with paint coatings. This type of roof is corrosion-resistant and can withstand the elements and sun. The paint coating adds a layer of protection and longevity to your roofing.

Painted metal roofs are sturdy and insulate your home from UV rays, although it is less effective than Galvalume. Since a painted metal roof is prone to fading, you must repaint it every ten years to extend its life.

Comparing The Galvalume Vs. Painted Metal Roof

Galvalume roofs and painted metal roofs are both metal roofs. A painted metal roof is coated with paint, while Galvalume has an alloy of zinc, aluminum, and silicone coatings.

The surface of Galvalume has a rough texture, making it easy to absorb heat because it is less reflective, which can help save your monthly electricity consumption.

Galvalume is less expensive because it requires less maintenance than a painted metal roof. If you live in a coastal area, choose a painted metal roof because it can withstand corrosion from saltwater.

Galvalume Vs. Painted Metal Roof Price

Price comparison between a painted metal roof and a Galvalume roof is essential before building your house. The cost of Galvalume steel is almost the same as the galvanized roof. It is inexpensive compared to the price of a painted metal roof.

Applying a coat of paint for your metal roof is more costly than coating the top with Galvalume treatment. You have to maintain the color when it fades over time in painted roofing.

Protection Provided

Both Galvalume and painted metal roofs possess weaknesses and strengths that you must consider before starting a project. If using paint, you can customize the protection for your roof.

If you live in a coastal area, your painted roof receives extra protection from corrosion due to saltwater. The paint acts as a shield against pests and water. Galvalume does not provide the same security and versatility as a painted roof.


Metal roof panels come in various sizes and forms. If you are looking for a long-lasting roofing system, the best choice is the Galvalume metal roofs. This type of roofing material can last for more than 60 years. It does not require complete maintenance and repair compared to painted metal roofs.

The color of the Galvalume roof can keep it for years without changing or repainting it. The alloy coating on your Galvalume metal roof can stay up to six decades. Painted metal roofs fade their color quickly due to heat from direct sunlight.

If you choose this roofing system, you have peace of mind as you do not have to worry about repainting. Paint on your metal roof can only last for less than ten years. Some paint coats can stay up to seven years, depending on the brand and the coat layers.

Color Options

Are there any color options for both Galvalume and painted metal roofs?

Galvalume roofs might be cost-saving and durable, but it does not provide color options as painted roofs. It is therefore unsuitable for the design and architecture of your home.

If you are focused on the aesthetic look of your home, the best choice is to install a painted metal roof.

Choosing a painted metal roof allows you to express your aesthetic taste because you can select the color you like. Although costly, painted metal roofs have a variety of color schemes for your satisfaction.

Energy Efficiency

Another consideration when installing a roofing system in your home is energy efficiency. Customers rate the Galvalume as an energy-star-rated roofing product.

It can reflect ultra-violet rays that prevent your abode from getting too much heat. It works effectively in saving your electricity consumption because you do not have to turn on your air-conditioning unit.

If you choose painted roofing material, you can customize it by telling your contractor to coat a paint that can reflect UV rays.

There are specific colors that can lessen the effect of UV radiation in your home. Dark colors like red or orange can protect against UV rays radiation. Darker colors are better than lighter colors.


Maintenance of your building materials is vital to save your home from wear and tear. Galvalume requires less maintenance and repair than painted metal roofing.

The paint may fade from direct sunlight, while Galvalume treatment gives the roof longevity that could last for over 60 years.

However, the longevity of your roof also depends on how you care for and maintain it. Cleaning the roof is vital to prevent rusting due to dried leaves and insects.

Drawbacks Of Galvalume 

Both Galvalume and painted metals have pros and cons. Corrosion is fast when Galvalume directly contacts metals, such as lead and copper.

The speed of corrosion is even faster when the Galvalume is in contact with water and moist environments.

To prevent corrosion, make a regular inspection of your Galvalume roof. Remove the debris from concrete, mortar, and wooden roof decking that can increase breakdown on its surface.

Galvalume is not ideal roofing material if your house is near the beach. The air blows the salt from the coast that can rust the Galvalume coating.

It is not good to use Galvalume if you plan to put up a roof over an animal shelter. Animal waste and chicken dungs produce fumes that can damage the coating of your Galvalume roof.

A painted metal roof works better for this structure.

Drawbacks Of Painted Metal Roof

Fading may occur on painted metal roofs when the paint pigment reacts with substances, elements, water, chemicals, and pollution. It begins with the lightening of the color or change to a specific color. The paint starts to break down, which can lead to color fading.

The fading is not uniform as some areas are not in direct contact with the same substances. The paint color does not last in an outdoor environment, even if the manufacturer uses a high-quality resin or pigment.

However, there are methods that you must know to prevent color fading on your roof. Your location may also contribute to the quick deterioration of your painted metal roofs.

If you live in a dry place like Texas, your painted metal roof quickly fades due to extreme heat in the area than in Chicago. The extreme temperature contributes to the speedy deterioration of your home. Fluctuations of temperature also weaken the paint pigment.

Coating your roof with a paint of your choice gives you fulfillment. You can repaint your metal roof with a different shade as years go by to keep up with style. The metal roof may last for seven years, but it does not mean that it cannot stay for longer years.

Minimizing the impact of wear and tear on your painted roof means you have to repaint the area with faded color as part of your yearly maintenance. Although it may sound costly, it can still save a penny if it has regular maintenance.

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