Galvanized Steel Coil Price And Cost

It is important to pay attention to the price when you want to purchase galvanized steel coil. Its value is very large, and there are many factors that affect the price. Here I will introduce the price structure of galvanized coil in detail.

Zinc Coating Mass

Regular spangle galvanized steel coil can produce zinc coating from 30 grams to 275 grams, and the size of the spangles becomes more obvious with the increase of the zinc coating. For every 10 grams of zinc layer, the price will increase or decrease by 5-15 dollars.

Zero spangles galvanized steel coil can produce zinc coating from 30 grams to 275 grams, and the size of the zinc spangle does not change with the zinc coating. For every 10 grams of zinc coating, the price will increase or decrease by 5-10 dollars.

Price Fluctuations Of Raw Materials

This is a direct factor affecting the price of galvanized coils, color-coated coils, galvalume coils, and other products. We usually source hot coils from steel mills and cold rolled coils them in processing plants. Because it is galvanized on the basis of cold-rolled coils. There are many factors that affect HRC, such as the price fluctuation of iron ore, the price fluctuation of coke and the demand for HRC futures, etc., which will affect the price of HRC.

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Oiled Or Not Oiled

In order to play a better anti-oxidation effect, the surface of the galvanized coil is usually lightly coated with oil, 2-80mg per square, which can temporarily block the contact between water and the surface. Depending on the thickness, the square is also different, with an average of 5-10 dollars per square meter.

Passivation Of Chromium

Most countries usually adopt hexavalent chromium passivation, and European countries default to trivalent chromium passivation. Trivalent chromium passivation is more environmentally friendly, the price is relatively expensive, the corrosion resistance is greatly improved, and different colors of passivation films can be obtained. If you choose trivalent chromium passivation, the price is 20-50 US dollars more expensive than hexavalent chromium passivation.

Film Or Not Film

The surface of the galvanized coil can be covered with plastic film to better protect the surface spangle. Protect surfaces from scratches during transport, shingling or reworking. The film is easy to tear off after finishing processing.

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