How to prevent aging of color-coated board

The color-coated board will gradually age under the wind and the sun, shortening its service life. Let’s take a look at how the color-coated board should work with Xiaobian to prevent aging. The prerequisite for aging or photochemical reaction is that the surface composition of color steel coil can digest and absorb radiation; secondly, when the radiation energy absorbed by molecular structure digestion and absorption exceeds the bond energy of molecular structure, the coating of color steel coil will be dissolved. Because the fewer wavelengths a light source has, the more kinetic energy it contains.

pre painted galvanized steel coil

According to this basic theory, the embrittlement of color-coated panels in air pollution is that the kinetic energy of the molecular structure of the coating to digest and absorb the ultraviolet light band is higher than the bond energy of its molecular structure under natural light, resulting in the dissolution of the molecular structure of the coating. As the polyurethane coating ages, the substrate itself is slowly lost, and the surface layer of the coating gradually becomes dull and tarnished. This missing substrate leaves behind a relatively stable paste that remains on the surface of the polyurethane coating in the form of an unbonded powder. The whole process is called layering.

The above is the introduction of color-coated sheets. Generally speaking, the anti-aging properties of polyester color-coated steel coils with different coatings are very different. The anti-aging ability of the thin coating of the color-coated board is weak, and the anti-aging properties of all ordinary thin coatings are relatively good. For more content, please continue to pay attention to this site!

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