The Details of Hot Rolled Coil

Hot rolled coil is made of slab as raw material. After heating, the steel strip is made by roughing mill and finishing mill. The hot steel strip from the last finishing mill is cooled to the set temperature through laminar flow, and then rolled into steel coil by coiler. Hot rolled coil usually includes medium thick and wide steel strip and hot rolled thin thick and wide steel strip.

Among them, medium thick and wide steel coil is the most representative products, and its output is about two-thirds of the total output of hot rolled coil. Hot rolled coil is mainly used in cold-rolled substrate, ship, automobile, bridge, construction, machinery, oil pipeline, pressure vessel, packaging, electronics and other industries.

Hot rolled coil often does not directly use at downstream consumption. About 70% of it can be used for all kinds of terminals through the next process, such as shearing, leveling, stamping, cold rolling, color coating, galvanizing, welded pipe and so on.

With the increasing maturity of new control technologies such as hot rolling dimensional accuracy, shape and surface quality and the continuous advent of new products, hot roll steel plate and strip products have been more and more widely used and have stronger and stronger competitiveness in the market.

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