What is a Flat Rolled Steel Coil?

Hot Rolled

This type of coil steel involves rolling steel above its recrystallization temperature, usually about 1700° Fahrenheit. The oxide film is stripped off by either mechanical or chemical method or a combination of both.

Cold Rolled

This type of steel is for either exposed or unexposed applications, which involve bending, forming, welding, or moderate drawing.

A cold rolled metal coil is manufactured by removing rust from a hot rolled coil, soaking it in acid, then washing and drying the sheet. The sheet then passes through a reducing mill under pressure.

Unlike hot rolled steel coil, it is a more finished product with a smoother surface. It also has greater strength and durability.

Other Steel Coil Formats and Finishes

Other than cold rolled and hot rolled, our steel coils for sale are also available in the following formats and finishes:

• Aluminized (ALMZ)

• Coated Steel

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